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   ‘ The Kastoria Music Club ‘

  …. Trouble on the HILL!!…

Hello dear music lovers , we from the Kastoria Music club have had to SHUT the doors for the time being !! ..No its not the neighbours , no its not the council and no its not the health inspector .. its the Landlord (S) !! What was once an ideal relationship has turned into a not so ideal deal . The goalposts have been moved and moved again so many times it has made it impossible for us to kick any kind of goals. The goal being , to have quality live music in the outta northern suburb of Coburg nth  ..Oh and a bit of FUN …

We’d like to thank everyone who came and supported us, with out you this club caper would never have flown..We might have set up this crazy place but you were the ones that breathed life into it . Along with all the amazing musicians who came and played and made it what it ‘was’ .. Oh and all the groovers who worked there .THANK YOU..

Ange and I are for ever grateful to one and all and find it so heartwarming for all your kind words and messages ..We won’t ever say NEVER ! Just because the negotiations have stalled doesn’t mean we will stop trying .. So all I can say now is ‘WATCH THIS SPACE ‘!!!

May the Kastoria ship sail again , but for now she’s dry docked and getting the barnacles scrubbed !  Yours truly LADY BOSS xxx



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