News Good and Bad

Well the Good news is the Health inspector came to check on the club and we got the big tick…

The bad news is he fell down the stairs and broke his leg.

The good news is we’ve decorated the outside smoking section.

The bad news is smoking can make you sick.

The good news is we have a barman called James.

The bad news is he’s ugly (ha, no just kidding, he’s very handsome). Sorry James.

In other GOOD news the June gigs are selling well and we have now booked all Friday nights in July .

Yolanda Ingley is having her single launch. Sally Ford and Patrick Cronin are bringing the good Doctor Hernandez and Danny Walsh Banned are coming all the way from Reservoir to play. Even Jackal are coming to play.

We also have a couple of Fridays in August booked. The Belmar Record showcase night, with FLIP YOUR WIG launching their new Album. Also we have a hootananny planned with The Collingwood Casanovas and King Arthur… Stay tuned, that’s in tune!



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