Hello Music Lovers of the North and Beyond

Well the Kastoria Music Club opened on Friday with a zing, crash bang, on the first day of winter things felt like summer. What a way to welcome in the new season. When Loretta Miller hit the stage the crowd got groovin’, the dance floor got hot and sweaty and the bar staff got busy. What a gal, what a band, and what about her Mumma! Thanks Lorettie , we really hope you can come back north and do it all again? Oh hang on, you are, but just a bit different. The DUSTY MILLERS are playing on June 15th. It’s a family affair with the Millers so better book for that one, last I looked it was selling fast.

This Friday the 8th June sees the Kastoria getting very groovy in a different way when Ross McLennan and his New world Orchestra hit the stage. There’s nothing better than seeing a 10 piece band in a small sit down setting. String section, horn section, piano, bass, drums and guitar. This gig will cause you glee and aural wonderment, trust us. Ross has been likened to Beck, Brian Wilson, even Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner. His off kilter strings and spidery guitars all spill harmonic colours outside the lines. Not many tickets left to this gig so don’t miss out. There’s also a support spot from the groovers from the coast ‘Victoriana Gaye’. Doors 7pm showtime 8.30 – till 11 pm sharp.

Lastly thanks to all those Club members for signing up and in and apologies to all those who couldn’t get in and up! And a very big thank you to James the handsome barman and his team of spunks serving us drinkies all night. The mulled cider was a winner James, as were the Dark and Stormies. And a very, very big thank you goes to Beautiful Damien for mixing up the sound for the band. It sounded great and once the tech team took to the system with the screw driver it was awesome! Phew. And one last thing I gotta add is the carpentry crew will be hoiking the stage up another 25cm just so every one can see ‘CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN HAS GONE’!! sorry I got distracted ….

That’s all for this weeks edition of “What goes on at The Kastoria Music Club in Far north Tropical Coburg” …




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