HELLO Music lovers of the BURG,the REZZ, PRESTONIA, PROMISETOWN and way way Beyond!!

LAST FRIDAY at Le club:

Well Friday night ticked all my boxes and tickled them too. Eugene Hamilton really is the greatest showman on the universe.  And what a band, The Money! The Cream of a Dream Team! The dance floor was packed with various displays of moves, good and bad! We are trying our best to lure the great man and his band back to the Burg before the end of August, so if you missed him, you WILL get a second chance. Thank you Mr Hamilton and the Money… And thank you to all of the fabulous peeps (no creeps) who came and had a great night out in the Burg!!

FRIDAY 29th June:

The Kastoria is very excited to be having a ‘GREEK NIGHT’ (finally)…

With the help of the amazing Zourouna Ensemble, comprising of some of Melbourne’s best Rembetika musicians. The Zourouna Ensemble will be playing two sets of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern tunes. Zourouna say they like to take their listeners on a cultural journey with non existent borders.

Take me away I say, these boys can really play… Really!

note: The dance floor will be cleared for dancing on this night and Ange’s food platters will have an even more Greek mediterranean flavour!!  Yum .

You can book your tickets here for your convenience.


Well all is well in the Bar, as long as we don’t run out of beer. And very nearly did for Eugene, geez that band can drink 😉 Obviously very thirsty after their long flight from Vegas!

We will be continuing our yummy mulled cider and hot toddies, great for the cold season. Along with our very popular Espresso Martinis (Kastroria’s secret for those Friday night energy slumps). Our Dark and Stormies (rum, lime and ginger beer) are fresh and delicious and our wine range stays simple yet sufficient. I’m sure this Friday we’ll see the OUZO coming out but I have to draw the line at Retsina… I repeat there will be no Retsina on sale for the Greek Night.

Apologies in advance.

So from all of us here at the Kastoria, Ya-SOU…

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See you on the dance floor xx




FRIDAY 6th JULY : Yolanda Ingley ll and band with Steve Blackburn. ‘Single Launch’ celebration BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 13th July : Dr Hernandez will be giving Friday 13th a whole new meaning. BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 20th July : Danny Walsh BANNED .. The Rezza Boys are coming over the road to Coburg Norf  BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 27th JULY : JACKAL . The youngest grooviest Jazz cats in the Universe… Move over CAT EMPIRE ‘JACKAL’ are here. BOOK HERE 


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