The Bar in the Burbs with Bands in the Burg!

HOWDY: You are receiving this email to the ‘What’s going ON and UP’ at the Kastoria Music Club because  a: you’ve signed up through the web site   b: You’ve come to a gig at the club and signed up to come in, or was it sign in to come up  c: You have not yet come to the club but have booked a ticket for a future gig  OR  d: you have no idea how you are suddenly receiving these emails BUT now that you are reading this you have to keep reading to see what’s going on!! Or if you don’t like reading check the web site and have a look at some Photos.

LAST FRIDAY: Jakal ,Jakal, Jakal. They came, they played, we danced and they blew us away.. Thank you Jakal, we hope you had a good time out in the Burg? Now get back to your practice.

THIS FRIDAY: AUG 3rd …It’s a Belmar Record release. A little studio in Altona recorded a record by a band named ‘FLIP YOUR WIG’ and ‘UH OH! CHONGO’ was born.. This night will see this recording  reproduced ‘LIVE and mostly SOBER’ into the wilds of far North Coburg. Jody Bell , Rob Price , Steve Purcell, Dai Jukebox Jones , Gavin Grey, Shane Ryall and Donny Stewart will be bringing 14 FYW tunes into the light and into your ears and soul.. It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be really good. Dance floor will be clear and ready. The Pearly Shells are playing the first set with Kerryn Tolhurst and Kerri Simpson helping things along. Then the second set sees FYW take to the RED stage like a bull in a china shop! After their radio appearance on The JVG Hour on triple RRR there’s been lots of hype about this gig. News is out that its gonna go ORF!  Tickets are selling like Hot Cakes ..  BOOK HERE Now what am I going to wear?

Here’s a link to Belmar Records for you to have a listen to the ‘FLIP YOUR WIG’ album  and while you’re there have a listen to all the other music Stevie records.. It’s GROUSE !


BAR: No news is good news, as they say, except for when its bad news. The bad news was we ran clean out of RUM, so we couldn’t make our Dark and Stormy’s. BUT the good news was we replaced the Rum with Vodka and created ‘The Spring Shower ‘ even tho its still winter, it felt like spring out in the beer garden!! Vodka, Ginger beer and Lime YUM!

FRIDAY 10th AUGUST: SHE-ELVIS night of nights.. girls girls girls singing, living and breathing life into Elvis songs.. Starring Loretta Miller, Freya Josephine Hollick , Tanya Lee Davies, Jemma Rowlands and Layla Jean. With the Presley Family Band (all star line up)   BOOK HERE  Check out the website for more info on this gig, it will sell out for sure.


FRIDAY 17th AUGUST: The Collingwood Casanovas. The Casanovas are Urban Bluegrass with plenty of fire and spark, going from burning picking to sweet harmonies with just the right amount of rough edges.. WITH King Arthur. Expect flashy fiddle playing, fiery telecaster licks, and sweet steel guitar sounds, all over a powerful Honky Tonk beat. King Arthur will romp you through a golden era of American music. Both bands will be joined by LUCKY OCEANS on Lap and pedal steel BOOK here for the Big HO-DOWN with Lucky Oceans Bookings recommended.


FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmallow Overcoat… Ash Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden need I say more. Tickets are selling faster than blue arsed fly  Book here for the MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT 


FRIDA31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers …excellent old school Dirty Rockin’ Roots music .. Cant wait for my acid flashback. Also excited to say  ‘POLLYMAN’ (sons of Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson) are playing the first set. Better BOOK here!


Excited that Kylie Auldist is coming in October. Charm of Finches are also coming in October as are  Kate Lucas and Cookin on Three Burners with Stella Angelico. So you might have gathered what was going to be a POPUP Winter only Music Club, has turned in to a POPUP Spring Music Club… looks like we’ll be booking through till the end of November…eeeeeeeek 

So its Yasou and toodle ooh from up here on top of the hill in Far North Coburg… x



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