FULL HOUSE of Wig Flippers

LAST FRIDAY: What wears a suit with a jewel-encrusted turban on top with a feather in it? ROB PRICE … that’s what! What a superstar. He can sing, he can play and he can dance. AND he can wear a silly hat and still look like a superstar. The stakes just went up a notch for our ‘Best Entertainer Of The Season’ awards. I can’t wait for Trophy Night. Mr Price will be giving Sally Ford, Eugene Hamilton and Danny Walsh a run for their money, but WAIT! They’ll have to outdo one of the best in the biz when Tanya Lee Davies brings us her ‘Girls, Girls, Girls DO ELVIS’ show.


THIS FRIDAY Aug 10th: Girls, Girls, Girls Do Elvis. Tanya Lee Davies has gathered her posse of femme fresh Elvis devotees to put on a SHOWSTOPPER of a night, when we’ll be celebrating and salivating all things ELVIS. When super trouper Loretta Miller hits the stage, along with country singing sensation from Ballarat, Freya Josephine Hollick, Jemma Rowlands (Clifton Hillbillies) and the beautiful singing tram driver Layla Jean

They’ll be taking care of business and loving you tender with two sets of sonic bliss led by the world-famous Elvis Family Band. Featuring Sam Presley Lemann, Andy Presley Scott , Ash Presley Davies and Ricky Presley Plant. Word’s out that the Lady Boss of the Kastoria House is also getting up to give a song a crack!! Tickets have been selling quicker than Ann-Margret’s hip swivels. Get a ticket sooner than later to avoid utter despair! GIRLS do ELVIS


BAR: All’s good in the bar when the bar staff are happy. And last Friday they were happy. Tips aplenty and smiles for miles.Thanks James and Tash for taking care of business 10 weeks running. ALSO a big thank-you to our front-of-house welcoming committee, MANDY McMandy. Trophy Night will be good when James the handsome barman and MANDY hit the stage. More on Trophy Night later.

FRIDAY Aug 17th: LUCKY OCEANS will be special guesting with the amazingly talented Collingwood Casanovas and King Arthur. What a GIG this’ll be. The Collingwood Casanovas are urban bluegrass with plenty of fire and spark, going from burning picking to sweet harmonies with just the right amount of rough edges. With King Arthur. Expect flashy fiddle playing, fiery telecaster licks, and sweet steel guitar sounds, all over a powerful honkytonk beat. King Arthur will romp you through a golden era of American music. Both bands will be joined by LUCKY OCEANS on lap and pedal steel. I’ve also got word that Tracey ‘Country Cousin’ Miller will be joining the boys for a song or two. BOOK here for the Big HOE-DOWN with Lucky Oceans. Bookings highly recommended.


FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmallow OvercoatAsh Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden need I say more. Tickets are have SOLD OUT, sorry folks.


FRIDA31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers …Excellent old school Dirty Rockin’ Roots music .. Can’t wait for my acid flashback. Also excited to say  ‘POLLYMAN’ (sons of Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson) are playing the first set. Better BOOK here!


FRIDAY Sept 7th: EUGENE Hamilton is back with the MONEY by popular demand. He’s putting on his Spring Suit for this next gig and will be celebrating all things spring with plenty of BLING! BOOK here for Eugene Hamilton


FRIDAY SEPT 14th: ROCK VENUS – The Songs of Linda Ronstadt is a celebration of that massive roll-call of toe-tapping, heart-rending, soul stirring hits recorded by the most successful, highest paid, female solo act of her era, Linda Ronstadt. Hits like Different Drum, When Will I be Loved, Blue Bayou, and the No1 hit You’re No Good.  Starring Jane Clifton with her band of super stars Clare Moore ,Rosie Westbrooke, Sam Lemann and Tim Dean. After  huge success at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival ROCK VENUS is coming the the Kastoria Club. This will be a show with a difference and not one you want to miss Book here for the LINDA RONSTADT show


FRIDAY SEPT 21st: The PUTBACKS Book here



FRIDAY OCT 12th: CHARM OF FINCHES with support from Kate Lucas (bookings not open yet)

FRIDAY OCT 19th: COOKIN ON THREE BURNERS with STELLA ANGELICO  (bookings not open yet)

FRIDAY OCT 26th: DR HERNANDEZ (bookings not open yet)

November is looking like fun! We have Zulya and the Children of the Underground coming, Nicky Bomba’s keen to get in on the act and word’s out that Julien Wilson is putting something together for the JAZZ lovers of the outta north. PLUS Ross McLennan is gathering the ORCHESTRA together for another astonishingly good show. Also, don’t miss our end-of-year TROPHY NIGHT party, but more about that later Ron.

What more can I say folks, other than thanks, thanks and more thanks for reading, coming, swinging, dancing, drinking and Kastorizing!! Yes it IS such a thing. ‘To Kastorize: verb, meaning to have a good time at the Kastoria Music Club’.

SO it’s a Yasou from me and Ange (handsome sound man) and it’s a yasou from the KMC gang. xx







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