Stairway to Heaven …

LAST FRIDAY :  Yep its down the lane , through the gate and up the stairs to OMG,LOL ,ily,WTF,FYI,FBI,WD40 ..Thats what ELVIS would have texted if he were alive today and happen to come up the stairway to heaven to our girls , girls , girls do Elvis show at the Kastoria . We had 5 of Melbourne’s finest Elvis devotees giving it their all on the big Red Stage . From Loretta’s growl to Freya’s Tremelo to Jemma’s sas , to Layla’s poise and lastly to Tanya Lee’s impeccable taste in hot pants ( gold lame). And a big Thank you to Tanya’s band the ‘Presley Family Band’ for taking care of business . I recon the King would have been Rockin not rollin in his grave last Friday . Also thanks to our fabulous Crowd of Elvis lovers , especially to the Diamond encrusted Cape wearer 🙂 Brilliant ! Well done team ! 

THIS FRIDAY 17th : This Friday we are heading to the country for a spectacular display of Bluegrass and Western Swing music . The Collingwood Casanova’s and King Arthur will be getting together with Lucky Oceans , a Double Grammy winning pedal steel guitarist and co-founder of Western Swing band Asleep at the Wheel . You might remember Lucky as a presenter of Australia’s leading national radio music show for 21 years. It’ll be a two set night , first set will see Lucky on his Lap steel with the CC’s picking and sweet harmony singing around the one mic (down from the Mountain style) .Second set will see the boys and girls plugging it in for some flashy fiddle ( Esther Henderson ) and fiery telecaster licks all over a powerful honky tonk beat along with Lucky on the Pedal Steel .There will some country cousin gals coming up the stairs for some yodelling on the night . If you love this style of music ,like me ,you will love this show .  Book here

BAR : Had some great news come in the form of a letter last Friday from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.. Our request for an extra hour of Bar operation was granted . So we are very happy to announce that the bar stays open till 12pm . That means when the band finishes up at 11pm you can have one last one for the road , or the bike track without the hassle being hustled out the gate ..


FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmallow Overcoat… Ash Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden need I say more. Tickets are have SOLD OUT, sorry folks. BUT we might be having the lads back for a Christmas Yuletide Riot …


FRIDAY 31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers …Excellent old school Dirty Rockin’ Roots music .. Can’t wait for my acid flashback. Also excited to say  ‘POLLYMAN’ (sons of Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson) are playing the first set. Better BOOK here!


FRIDAY Sept 7th: EUGENE Hamilton is back with the MONEY by popular demand. He’s putting on his Spring Suit for this next gig and will be celebrating all things spring with plenty of BLING! BOOK here for Eugene Hamilton


FRIDAY SEPT 14th: we are soooo excited about this show ROCK VENUS – The Songs of Linda Ronstadt is a celebration of that massive roll-call of toe-tapping, heart-rending, soul stirring hits recorded by the most successful, highest paid, female solo act of her era, Linda Ronstadt. Hits like Different Drum, When Will I be Loved, Blue Bayou, and the No1 hit You’re No Good.  Starring Jane Clifton with her band of super stars Clare Moore ,Rosie Westbrooke, Sam Lemann and Tim Deane. After  huge success at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival ROCK VENUS is coming the the Kastoria Club. This will be a show with a difference and not one you want to miss Book here for the LINDA RONSTADT show


FRIDAY SEPT 21st: The PUTBACKS Book here




FRIDAY OCTOBER 5th: KYLIE AULDIST . Don’t need to say much more about this amazing woman or what an amazing gig this will be . You better Book here for KYLIE


FRIDAY OCT 12th: CHARM OF FINCHES with support from Kate Lucas (bookings not open yet)


FRIDAY OCT 19th: COOKIN ON THREE BURNERS with STELLA ANGELICO  (bookings not open yet)

FRIDAY OCT 26th: DR HERNANDEZ (bookings not open yet)

November is looking like MORE fun! Tamworth country queen Leslie Avril is keen to put on a show , and so are we !! We have Zulya and the Children of the Underground coming on November 9th, PLUS Ross McLennan is gathering the ORCHESTRA together for another astonishingly good show in December. There’s word out about a ‘Girls girls girls do Nancy Sinatra Show ! Now that’ll be something , which reminds me of something  Frank Sinatra once said , “I feel bad for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day”.  

What more can I say folks, other than thanks, thanks and more thanks for reading, coming, swinging, dancing, drinking and Kastorizing!! Yes it IS such a thing. ‘To Kastorize: verb, meaning to have a good time at the Kastoria Music Club’.

SO it’s a Yasou from me and Ange (handsome sound man) and it’s toodle-ooh from the KMC gang. xx



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