Kastoria Euphoria

LAST FRIDAY : When POLLYMAN , George and Fenn Wilson hit the stage they proved that apples don’t fall far from the tree ! They moved us and grooved us and brought the house down . Then came The Breadmakers . Well they haven’t changed a bit , still stompin out the party hits and making us all feel 25 again , the dance floor got a right ol stomping on . What a Swampin great band ! Loved them then and still love them now . Lovely blokes to boot , thanks Breadies x.

NEXT FRIDAY: Sept 7th Ahhh at last Spring has sprung . And who better than Eugene Hamilton to bring on spring with lots of Bling that makes me want to dance the highland fling with no worries about my ham string,  should probably stick to snorkeling ! This Friday we’ll be worshipping THIS ‘Play Thing’ .. Eugene Hamilton ..who will be in full swing ..I might even have a sing ?   Hmmm Sorry about that 🙂  I should just say “Its gonna be real good ,just like last time” !!BOOK here for Eugene


BAR : Well it was going to happen at some stage , you cant expect a 30 year old fridge engine to keep that many Hawkers, Mythos, Peroni, Guinness , Champers , wine and cheese cold . Made the call to the coolest commercial fridge mechanic man in the land and he came just in the nic (Friday morning) with a brand new motor  $ . He also played us some tracks of his Band . Looks like our Staff Party Trophy night gig just got better ..Thanks Geoff , phew !


SEPTEMBER FRIDAY 14TH...WHO LOVES LINDA RONSTADT ? We do … But its nearly sold out so be very quick if your keen to see this awesome show .ROCK VENUS – the songs of Linda Ronstadt is a celebration of that massive roll-call of toe-tapping, heart-rending, soul stirring hits recorded by the most successful, highest paid, female solo act of her era, Linda Ronstadt. Featuring Jane Clifton , Clare Moore ,Rosie Westbrook , Sam Lemann and Tim Deane .BOOK for Linda


FRIDAY September 21st .. The PUTBACKS . Australia’s premier Funk Out-fit DOING IT IN in the BURG This will be Funk-in amazing ..BOOK HERE for The PUTBACKS



FRIDAY September 28th .. The MELTDOWN . Simon Burkes Country Soul band or Soul Country band = incredibly soulful and good for the soul . Simon Burkes voice is a SHOW STOPPER gob smaker, jaw droppingly good .Dont Miss this ..BOOK here for The Meltdown


FRIDAY October 5th .. The amazing Kylie Auldist playing 2 very different sets . Starting with her acoustic soul-style set . Then watch her raise the roof for her UP-Tempo Electro set . Dancing shoes required for both sets !! BOOK here for KYLIE AULDIST


FRIDAY October 12th .. CHARM OF FINCHES with support from Kate Lucas and Nat from Coda Chroma . Also The very Young and extremely talented Violet Kelly at 8pm . This will be a very special gig of Femme Folk ! Book here for Charm of Finches


FRIDAY October 19th .. COOKIN ON THREE BURNERS with STELLA ANGELICO ..need we say more ..nope !! BOOK here for CO3B and STELLA


FRIDAY October 26th .. DR HERNANDEZ . BACK by popular demand. Bookings not open yet


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9th : Zulya and The Children of the Underground .bookings not open yet .


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16TH ...Jodi Phillis Album Launch with special guest Barb Waters BOOK here for Jodi Phillis 


After leaving her mark on the Australian cultural landscape with The Clouds, Jodi Phillis has returned to her default mode of acoustic singer songwriter, mining the deep seem of neo-romantic folk pop.Jodi will perform songs from her new album ‘Becoming’, many of which were born out of grief from the loss of both her parents in the last 3 years, as well as a selection of songs from earlier solo albums and a few favourites from her other musical incarnations. Jodi will be stripping it bare and singing her songs solo, with just a guitar for accompaniment.Real, raw, vulnerable and life affirming are a few words to describe what you will experience from Jodi’s performance.Come along and hear Jodi on this most intimate occasion.


Plus more announcements about some crazy Christmas gigs ( Hint , he plays the organ )!!  Flip Your Wig are coming back for a end of year party ALSO Ross McLennan is bringing his 10 piece Orchestra ‘The New World’ back up the stairs on the 7th December . Can not wait !!!   PS ..apologies about my lame poetry earlier 

Yasou and see you up the stairs soon . JB and the KMC Gang x


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