Cookin at the Kastoria !

LAST WEEK : Cookin on 3 Burners were cookin on 4 Burners . In fact they were cookin on a big industrial 6 burner . YEP they were cookin and we all got cooked! Fried in fact,hard boiled and roasted ! Then when Stella came on stage she made us all boil over and she nearly burnt the house down to the ground , that girl can sing and some . It was a big hammond driven , wah wah funkin good party.. Thanks Jake Mason, Dan West ,Stella Angelico and Dan the drummer They will be coming back Club side in April 2019 ! Heres a photo of their HOT new album ..


THIS WEEK : Friday 26th October … More dancing to be done when the Doctor hits the stage . This band will make you want to move it move it . Sally Ford has a gift of creating one great band after another and Dr Hernandez would have to be one of her greatest. We cant wait to get our scripts filled with their Electro , Cumbia, Funky Boogaloo style medicine . Book your appointment NOW …..


BAR :  James the handsome barman has done it again .Staying cool and calm , even when the ice ran out . Lucky woolies is just down the road so the Mojitos could go on and on and on . Nothing like a Hot spring night and a big bag of limes from Diamond Creek to get a party going  …( thanks Phil and Ruth ) Oh and Mint from the garden  x

YASOU: Well another Friday rolls around and around and around . Only 8 gigs to go till we take a little break and then we’ll be back on the 1st of March with some great gigs coming up the stairs . Dave Graneys keen to play here , so is Freya Josephine Hollick. We have the Hoodangers lined up and next year we’ll have the Bingo Room Bar downstairs in full swing .!! Thank you for coming to the Club and for signing up to this newsy letter , dont forget if you want to unsubscribe go right ahead , BUT you will be forever wondering who is playing next Friday and the next and then the next ..Yasou and see ya later xx Jody , Ange and the KMC Gang .xx


FRIDAY NOV 2nd: Tanya-Lee Davies has done it again . This time with the boys and this time its a CD Launch of her beautiful Duets Album . We will have the pleasure of hearing Tanya singing with Matt Walker , Benny Peters, Steve Lucas, Alex Buxton and Mr Soul Kinda Feeling Continental Robert Susz .. Along with her band of incredibles .. The Soldiers of Love , this’ll be good , this’ll be really good . Book here


FRIDAY NOV 9th : These tickets are selling fast folks so best get one soon.The band are sounding fantastic after their tour of Russia and are now ready to play Melbourne  .Have a little listen to get in the mood ..


FRIDAY NOV 16th: This will be a special gig folks . Jodi’s new album is beautiful and hearing her live will blow you away . Barb Waters will be playing a hot set also and who isn’t a Barb Waters fan ? This be a great night of woman songwriters doing it their way .BOOK here for Jodi’s Album launch


FRIDAY NOV 23rd: OMG we are all so excited about Barry coming . Don’t need to say much more than that!! TICKETS FOR BARRY


FRIDAY 30TH NOVEMBER : Belmar Records are launching their first TRINGLE .. Whats a Tringle ? Its three songs on a single .. And i happen to have written and feature on two of the three songs .. So yep its my turn for a gig at the Club , i had to squeeze one more in for myself before the end of the year .. Last time Flip Your Wig played at the club it was a sell out SHOW . The dance floor was hot and sweaty and the band cranked . BOOF wont be disappointing in the dance off department either . And Monique Shelford has done a excellent cover of a classic from GREASE .. it’ll be a great night of great music by great musicians , GREAT !! Book here


FRIDAY 7TH DECEMBER : Ross McLennan is coming and so is his 10 piece band . We are so lucky to have them back to play , can you imagine the logistics of getting them all together . Lucky they all love Ross’s songs and love playing in his band . It was a sell out show last time and i’m sure it’ll be the same this time . So get in quick with your tickets , cant say i didn’t warn you  .. BOOK for ROSS


FRIDAY 14TH DECEMBER : Its the end of year party that you’ll want to party at . Jazz Party is one big Party and they make everyone want to party .. So lets PARTY , because we wont be back partying till march 2019. BOOK for JAZZ PARTY



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