The Boogie Woogie FLU !

LAST WEEK : The Doctor needed a Doctor when Sally Ford was struck down with  Pneumonia last week . We all had the night off and so did Dr Hernandez . Get better soon Sally , we look forward to RE-scheduling  our appointment with Dr Hernandez in 2019 .xxx

NEXT WEEK : November (eeeek already) 2nd …TANYA-LEE DAVIES with her Gentlemen Friends . I know i keep raving about this gig but it really will be sensational . All those boys on one night !! Benny Peters , Matt Walker , Steve Lucas , Alex Buxton and Continental Robert Susz .. Its the Duetting Damsels Duets Album Launch PART  1.. Have a little listen for yourself ! Its only part 1 because there are 14 boy singers on this Album so there has to be a PART 2 and even a 3 .. Imagine the logistics of booking all 14 lads on the one night !!! probability ‘Impossible’ !! Tanya-Lee has 5 of the 14  handsome boys this  Friday and her Soldiers of Love Band , aren’t we LUCKY .. Better BOOK here ! 


BAR : I must admit it was nice to have the night off .. The Coat Rack Kids were wrapped , I got some gardening done and James the handsome barman put his feet up at another BAR !!


FRIDAY Nov 9th : Zulya and the Children of the Underground preforming exquisite original music inspired by Zulya’s Tatar and Russian roots . With Zulya’s smouldering vocals accompanied by accordion , piano , double Bass, and percussion .This is Folk Music with an edge .. Not to be missed .Book for Zulya


FRIDAY Nov 16th : Jodi Phillis Album launch with special guest Barb Waters .Book for Jodi  And for more info check our web site!


FRIDAY Nov 23rd: Barry Morgan’s World of Organs Christmas Meltdown with special guests Mother Mary and Baby Jesus !! OMG this’ll be a one in a million gig ..Actually it’ll be a one in 364 day Gig !! Book for BARRY


FRIDAY Nov30th : Belmar Records Tringle Launch featuring MOI !!! That means BOOF , Flip Your Wig and the incredible Monique Shelford with the Belmar House Band will be playing . Whats a Tringle ? Its 3 songs on the one single .Crazy stuff. Book for ‘TRINGLE’ Launch


FRIDAY Dec 7th : Ross McLennan and the New World Orchestra Book for ROSS !! Better be quick tho because everyone else will too!!


FRIDAY Dec 14th : JAZZ PARTY : Come and see the year out in Jazz Punk style and celebrate the last Kastoria Show till march 2019 !! What a year its been.. Book for the Jazz PARTY


YASOU : 6 gigs to go folks before the end of Kastoria’s year . And what a year its been , we’ve had a ball every Friday night , so have the kids ( sort of ) . Wanna say thank you for signing in and up and coming up the stairway to heaven and making every Friday night a party . But mostly want to say thank you to the beautiful and amazing musicians who come and play music here. With out them none of this Kastoria Club thang would have got off the ground . We are so very grateful to the musicians who have trusted us in coming this far North , to the ‘Outta North’ to Far North Tropical Coburg !! What absolute legends…

Yasou and toodle-ooh from  Jody , Ange and the KMC Team 




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