A night at Kastoria will cure your Dysphoria…true story !


THIS WEEK : FRIDAY 30th Nov-  I’m pretty excited to finally get a gig at the Club ! When ever Steve Purcell’s Belmar Record label releases anything you know the party will be good  . This time its a TRINGLE  launch !! Whats a Tringle ? Nothing to do with Christmas …. Its three songs on one single . So that means three bands for the price of ONE ! Cant get better than that . PLUS all three bands play roots rockin up side down original DANCE music . Starting the night off at 8.30 sharp is BOOF (me) , followed by The Belmar House band featuring Mon Shelford . Ending the night with a FLIP YOUR WIG (me ) set. So its a bit of a ME ME ME showing off night ! hEhe . Plus many others stars like Rob ‘flip your wig’ Price , Donny Stewart, Gavin Grey from Greys Piano World , Steve ‘Pearly Shell’ Purcell and Shane-rockin-Rhyall !!! Dancing shoes recommended and wigs are welcome .


FRIDAY 7TH DEC :  Better book quick tho tickets are nearly GAWN ! Ross McLennan tickets


FRIDAY 14TH DEC: Last Gig for the year ..CANT WAIT for  JAZZ PARTY to take us to New Orleans for Christmas !! and then Holidayzzzz but get your tickets cos everyone wants to come 🙂 


BAR : We have a new Cocktail inspired by our very own ‘Liz Skitch‘ . Its called the Miss Lizzie and its a keeper . Gin, Elderflower Liquer , Prosecco , Lemon and Mint….YUM just like Lizzy .

YASOU: Well its getting down to the pointy end of our season that was only meant to last till the end of Winter and has seen us go though till mid December . So yep i’d call that a success ! If you are reading this email i want to say ‘Thanks’ , if you’ve been up to the club i want to say ‘Thanks a lot’ , and if you’ve played or worked at the club i want to say ‘Thanks a lot lot lot’ ! We couldn’t have done it without you . Yasou from me n ANGE the sound platter man xxx 


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