27 down – 2 to GO !!

LAST WEEK : Well that was FUN , some might say too much fun , but i dont think you cant have too much fun ! Starting with BOOF is always a good start to the night , followed by Mon Shelford singin and struttin ..What a Gal . Then it was Flip your wig’s turn .Thats when the party started . When the man in gold lame and matching turban came on stage the dance floor filled and the band were in the pocket  . Thanks Steve Purcell for launching yet another fine Belmar Records recording ..

THIS WEEK-FRIDAY 7th Dec: Ross McLennan and the New World Orchestra . If you haven’t heard Ross’s music take a listen here . Or if you have heard Ross play with his BIG band you’ll know how rare it is to see  . String section , horn section , all singing band . You don’t see Ross play with this line up too often understandably . Imagine trying to get 12 musicians in the same room at any time of year let alone 3 weeks from Christmas !! IT’ll be good , REALLY GOOD .. better book tho !!


FRIDAY 14th DEC : Last Gig for the year at the Kastoria and who better to have play but Melbourne’s best FEELGOOD band ‘ Jazz Party ‘.  Have a listen to Loretta singing the bejazuz out of this !  Talking In Your Sleep


BAR: ‘ hic ‘

YASOU:  Yep thats a see ya , toodle ooh , and a over and out !!  Till next week when we announce ( thats band booker talk) whats happening in March and April …JB x


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