Final Call for KASTORIA …

LAST WEEK: Ross McLennan has done it again ! What a beautiful gig it was , truely mesmerising and at times cinematic . Nothing like having a string section a french horn and a clarinet in the band to get the feelings all felt . Not to mention his incredible rhythm section , piano and second Guitar . We feel pretty honoured to be able to host such a gig .Thank you Ross for bringing the New World Orchestra up the stairs to the Red stage , everybody loved it !

NEXT WEEK : Friday 14th Dec . We are having one last party at the Club and who better than Jazz Party to send us on our way ..This’ll be a dance floor stomping , dirty Beat-nic romping , Christmas carol-ing , Miss Lizzy swilling , New Orleans-y X-mas show .. Emphasis on the X and Big on the SHOW . Cant wait to see Ms Loretta Miller knock us all dead and then bring us back to LIFE .. I hear her Mumma Tracey Miller will be joining in on the fun too . It’ll be a Party , a ‘JAZZ PARTY’ . Better get your tickets tho xx  tickets here 


NEXT YEAR: Got some fun planned and plenty more gigs coming out to Far North Tropical Coburg starting March 1st 2019 . More on that next week .

BAR: When its HOT we recommend having a ‘Miss Lizzy’  . Recipe as follows : Gin , Elderflower Liqueur , Prosecco, Lemon and Mint with lots of ice , they are soooo refreshing and personality enhancing 🙂  Lucky for us we have some fabulous Neighbours who come every week with bunch of fresh MINT ( thank you Mel and Andy xx)  . Oh AND we have air conditioning , phew .

YASOU: Thats enough from me so its toodle ooh, adios and YASOU xxx ! See you up the stairs from Jody ,Ange , Mandy , James , Elsie and Meg  ( The Kastoria crew)


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