Kastoria music magic continues

Last Friday:

Soulful sounds swept out of the top floor of the club last Friday and soothed everyone’s Friday arvo eve angst. It was soul music good for the soul. Another beautiful crowd of beautiful music lovers coming out to far north beautiful Coburg (?) to see the beautiful Yolanda Ingley ll and her band. It was bee-U-tee-Full …okay that’s enough of that! Thank you Yolanda it was a gorgeous gig and it’s gotta be said Monica Weightman was truly on FIRE.

A HUGE thank you to ANGE from ‘Infrastructure’ for raising the stage another head height… Makes all the difference! And thanks to ANGE from ‘Sound Department’ for yet another great mix!


This Friday we clear the dance floor AND then mop it, polish it and then you CAN eat your dinner off it. But we won’t be eating we’ll be dancing, to the amazing sounds of DR Hernandez.

The Doctor is coming to cure what ails you. So get your prescriptions filled this Friday with a double dose of electro-cumbia, funky reggae and soulful boogaloo. This 6 piece combo play hammond infused grooves with a three piece horn section, never fail percussion and Sally Ford’s trademark soaring Spanish vocals. Once again the cream of the crop of Melbourne musicians. Dancing shoes required and highly recommended!!

Book Here for DR Hernandez    



There’s a saying I like that goes ‘All’s good in the garden if the roots aren’t severed.’ This week its ‘All’s good in the BAR if the Fridges don’t break down! ( $ ) hmmm. Another week rolled by with a quick but expensive visit from Mr Refrigerator, lucky he was friendly and a muso to boot.

Some more fake fruit came up the stairs along with some sweet things, that you CAN actually eat!

Announcement: We now have sweet platters on offer mmmmmmm!

Turkish delight, Baklava, Maamoul (best date biscuits in the universe) and Persian treats. Goes great with our espresso Martini or even just a cup of tea.

Lastly, welcome to the club to our new subscribers and if you want to unsubscribe, go right ahead, but remember you will never know what goes on down the laneway, through the gate and up the stairs to the Kastoria Music club!!

xx Jody and the KMC team!!

Here’s a clip of the Coat Rack Kids hard at it!!


FRIDAY 20th July : Danny Walsh BANNED.. The Rezza Boys are coming over the road to Coburg Norf.  BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 27th JULY: JACKAL. The youngest grooviest Jazz cats in the Universe ..Move over CAT EMPIRE ‘JACKAL’ are here.  BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 3RD AUGUST: Belmar Record release … from ‘FLIP YOUR WIG’ ALBUM LAUNCH ‘Uh Oh! Chungo! So excited about this gig!! (long awaited) BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 10th AUGUST: SHE-ELVIS night of nights… girls, girls, girls singing, living and breathing life into Elvis songs… Starring Loretta Miller, Freya Josephine Hollick, Tanya Lee Davies, Emilee South, Jemma Rowlands (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 17th AUGUST: The Collingwood Casanovas .. Playing bluegrass like you’ve never heard before Featuring LUCKY OCEANS on Pedal Steel (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmellow Overcoat ..Ash Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers …excellent old school. Excited to say they will be supported from ‘POLLYMAN’ (sons of Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson)  (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER: Eugene Hamilton’s coming back !! 


We are excited to announce that Kylie Auldist, Zulya of the Underground and Cookin on Three Burners are coming to the club …TBC !



Last Friday:

Phew what a night that was. The Kastorians came to dance the Zorba and boy did they dance AND break plates!!! The Zourouna Ensemble gave the oldest members of the club a new lease on life. I hope their knees are all okay! Proud to say those Kastorians know how to have a good time, along with everyone else who came out to Far North Tropical Coburg.

Thank you Zourouna Ensemble. We will be seeing this band again for sure…


yol smallWell this coming Friday sees the Club go a bit bluesy, jazzy and soulful. Yolanda Ingley is set to release her new single off her album which she recorded with Sam Tesky. The single has had heaps of airplay and sounds gorgeous, like her voice. The band she has are the cream de la creme of the Melbourne music scene. We really do having some incredible musicians in Melbourne and her band are some of the best. Steve Blackman will be playing a short set before Yolanda takes to the stage. Steve will also be joining in with Yolanda’s band.

Really looking forward to this gig , a sit down affair  I think. Don’t forget it’s first in best seated so don’t be disappointed and get there early.

Better BOOK HERE for this gig …


Got to be said, the Mythos Beer was very drinkable last week. Mythos Beer being a summer time beer, usually enjoyed on a beach (in Greece). But who says we didn’t  pretend it was summer last Friday? Well those who were having the hot toddies can! Along with the mulled cider. Yummm.

So great to have ‘The Coat Rack Kids’ downstairs for your coat hanging requirements. Making sure your coats are hung up and kept safe down stairs. At $1 a coat that’s a pretty good service, not to mention they’re pretty cute too. Along with our DOOR Gal from across the creek Mandy showing you the way upstairs and beyond. Thanks Mandy x .

So gotta be said all is well down the lane, through the gate and up the stairs in Far North tropical Coburg. Thanks to all you fun lovers of fine music and surroundings. Look forward to seeing you again at any of these up and coming shows.

From me and the KMC team, YA-SOU xx


FRIDAY 13th July: Dr Hernandez will be giving Friday 13th a whole new meaning. BOOK HERE 

FRIDAY 20th July: Danny Walsh BANNED… The Rezza Boys are coming over the road to Coburg Norf.  BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 27th JULY : JACKAL: The youngest grooviest Jazz cats in the Universe ..Move over CAT EMPIRE ‘JACKAL’ are here. BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 3RD AUGUST: Belmar Records release…’FLIP YOUR WIG’ ALBUM LAUNCH (long awaited) (bookings not open yet)…

FRIDAY 10th AUGUST: SHE-ELVIS night of nights…girls, girls, girls singing, living and breathing life into Elvis songs… More on that later! (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 17th AUGUST: The Collingwood Casanovas… Playing bluegrass like you’ve never heard before featuring LUCKY OCEANS on pedal steel. (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmellow Overcoat… Ash Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers … excellent (bookings not open yet) 


HELLO Music lovers of the BURG,the REZZ, PRESTONIA, PROMISETOWN and way way Beyond!!

LAST FRIDAY at Le club:

Well Friday night ticked all my boxes and tickled them too. Eugene Hamilton really is the greatest showman on the universe.  And what a band, The Money! The Cream of a Dream Team! The dance floor was packed with various displays of moves, good and bad! We are trying our best to lure the great man and his band back to the Burg before the end of August, so if you missed him, you WILL get a second chance. Thank you Mr Hamilton and the Money… And thank you to all of the fabulous peeps (no creeps) who came and had a great night out in the Burg!!

FRIDAY 29th June:

The Kastoria is very excited to be having a ‘GREEK NIGHT’ (finally)…

With the help of the amazing Zourouna Ensemble, comprising of some of Melbourne’s best Rembetika musicians. The Zourouna Ensemble will be playing two sets of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern tunes. Zourouna say they like to take their listeners on a cultural journey with non existent borders.

Take me away I say, these boys can really play… Really!

note: The dance floor will be cleared for dancing on this night and Ange’s food platters will have an even more Greek mediterranean flavour!!  Yum .

You can book your tickets here for your convenience.


Well all is well in the Bar, as long as we don’t run out of beer. And very nearly did for Eugene, geez that band can drink 😉 Obviously very thirsty after their long flight from Vegas!

We will be continuing our yummy mulled cider and hot toddies, great for the cold season. Along with our very popular Espresso Martinis (Kastroria’s secret for those Friday night energy slumps). Our Dark and Stormies (rum, lime and ginger beer) are fresh and delicious and our wine range stays simple yet sufficient. I’m sure this Friday we’ll see the OUZO coming out but I have to draw the line at Retsina… I repeat there will be no Retsina on sale for the Greek Night.

Apologies in advance.

So from all of us here at the Kastoria, Ya-SOU…

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See you on the dance floor xx




FRIDAY 6th JULY : Yolanda Ingley ll and band with Steve Blackburn. ‘Single Launch’ celebration BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 13th July : Dr Hernandez will be giving Friday 13th a whole new meaning. BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 20th July : Danny Walsh BANNED .. The Rezza Boys are coming over the road to Coburg Norf  BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 27th JULY : JACKAL . The youngest grooviest Jazz cats in the Universe… Move over CAT EMPIRE ‘JACKAL’ are here. BOOK HERE 


Friday Night in the Burg!

MUSIC: Hello Music lovers of the outta north and beyond.

Well last Friday night we walked the stairway to heaven once again and heard some heavenly sounds. There is nothing quite like a harmony, even two part harmonies or better still three part harmonies.

The night started with ‘Don’t Thank Me Spank Me.’ A duo comprising of Esther Henderson and Nitida Atkinson who play and sing and write the best songs ever, oh and happen to be gorgeous in every way. Flight of the Concords move on over. Followed by the headline act The Dusty Millers stepping up to the stage with their take on murder ballads, country classics with some hip 70’s cheese factor songs. Along with some amazing hand written songs to boot! The Dusty Millers are family force to be listened to.

THIS FRIDAY 22nd June: This coming Friday has a change of pace when the world’s greatest performer Eugene Hamilton and the Money come North. Jet setting in from ‘The Pink Flamingo Casino Back Bar’ in Vegas, he’ll be landing the chopper 8.30 sharp for two sets of a Funktified, Countrified, Latin Soul Boogaloo Joyride… Sounds good? Sounds really good!! Eugene makes an art form out of playing re-invented covers and his band the Money features the absolute cream of Melbourne’s musicians.  He’ll be dressed for success in excess and he will definitely impress. Dancing shoes highly recommended for this show folks and if you can drag out your lamé even better still!

Here’s a little introduction from the Guy himself.

BAR NEWS: The flavours of Winter continue… The mulled cider, hot toddies and even the Guinness have been favourites at the Kastoria bar. Last week we saw the Espresso Martinis being served to young and old. Along with all the usual personality enhancers. We also served pots of tea and cafe lattes. You could say, things are getting pretty swish in our canteen style BAR. And because we like to mix our taste of drinks with our taste in music we’ll be having our Pimped up Prosecco on offer when Eugene Hamilton hits town. I personally can’t wait… Now what am I going to wear?

BOOK TICKETS HERE For Eugene’s Joyride 



FRIDAY 29th June: The Zourouna Ensemble – Melbourne’s best Rembetika, Middle Eastern and Turkish Band  BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 6th JULY: Yolanda Ingley ll and band with Steve Blackburn ‘Single Launch’ celebration BOOK HERE

FRIDAY 13th July: Dr Hernandez will be giving Friday 13th a whole new meaning   BOOK HERE 

FRIDAY 20th July: Danny Walsh BANNED… The Rezza Boys are coming over the road to Coburg Norf   BOOK HERE 

Hello Music Lovers of the North and beyond, way beyond!

Another Friday night sell out show bites the dust for the Kastoria music club Winter gig series. Ross McLennan and the New World Orchestra was a truly transcendental experience.

Just beautiful and mesmerising from beginning to end. What a night!

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed, and signed into the members book.

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This coming Friday the 15th of June we have The Dusty Millers playing. A close knit family with even closer knit harmonies! It’s the family sing along you wished your family sounded like! The Dusty Millers are Lisa, Loretta and Tracey Miller. All state of the art singers from Melbourne coming together with their band singing new and old country songs from Dolly Parton to Neil Young to Folk Murder Ballads and Rockabilly Swing. All in three part harmony that’ll make your hairs stand on end! A night not to miss. Support from ‘Don’t Thank Me Spank me’, a R n POP  duo of close harmonies and guitar and violin…Just beautiful and funny!

Tickets for this gig here

Doors open at 7pm. Showtime 8.30 sharp till 11pm.

Remember first in best seated!

And now for The Kastoria ‘BAR’ news, Ange’s delicious snack platters have been going OFF, in a good way! The platters come in veggie or meat flavours and are available at the bar along with lots of welcoming warming winter bevvys. The Mulled Cider has been a hit along with our Dark and Stormies (rum, lime and ginger beer).  And of course the Guinness is always popular in the cold months. This could be the week we introduce our coffee machine which also means ‘Espresso Martinis’, great for a Friday night pick me up after a weeks work! yummmm!

We have been planning our ‘TEXT HANDSOME JAMES THE BARMAN ‘ your order ‘ from your seat! And then your order magically appears. Genius idea we thinks. How’s that for table service?!! This will be great for when the gig has a more of a sit down and listen vibe! Will keep you posted about that one.

So many thanks for listening and don’t forget to book to avoid disappointment. Tickets and space are limited!

Ya sou from Jody and all the gang at the Kastoria Music Club.

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