Hysteria , whoops I mean, Kastoria ..

Well that was fun, that was really fun. What a rockin band Danny Walsh has. Especially Leo WEED Tellefson, he was on fire (great balls of fire). We danced, we drank and we boogie-woogied until the break of dawn. Thank you Danny Baby with your feathered hat..  A true Gentleman, along with being a great entertainer in a very, very good suit (3 piece velvet maroon with bell bottoms).  His light up guitar was a show stopper. I do love a bit of audience participation, well done to the couple on table 2! We won’t be banning the REZZA boys from the club, you are welcome creek side any day.

It’s very exciting having JAKAL coming to play at the club. They will be funking it up and getting on down. The youngest band so far to come up the stairs, in fact that’s an understatement.  After Danny’s band these kids are virtual Babies. Lucky we all have our working with children checks!

Here’s what Max Teakle (band leader) has to say about the band,
“After crossing paths at VCASS (Victorian College of the Arts) in 2016, Max Teakle (Keys), Sam Watts (Bass), Kane Watts (Drums) and Imre Scicluna (Sax) started playing regularly. They had a weekly gig at a pub in Brunswick East, it was around then Max brought in a friend from his old school, Oskar Moore (Trombone). At the end of that year Max started writing music with Jessie Hillel (Vocals), they began to play these tunes at this residency and towards the end of 2017 they put it together officially and became Jakal.”

Here’s what I have to say about the band..
‘When I first heard JAKAL play I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. Plus they made me want to cut the rug and bust a move! Their mature sound for their years is astonishing, along with their song writing skills. All of the players have incredible talent and then when you hear Jessie start to sing, all heavens break loose. That gal can sing and she can write, AND she’s totally gorgeous to boot .. this Gig should not be missed, they are gonna funk it up big time and you WILL wanna dance.. If you have kids who look like they’ll be walking down the musicians road , I encourage you to bring them along ( free of charge ) for some inspiration and influence. It might even make them practice more!! (I’m talking to my kids when I say that)  BOOK HERE FOR JAKAL.    

BAR: The bar continues to be the cutest thing this side of the Coburg Pool. Thanks to Peter Negroni from the Railway Hotel on Nicholson st Nth Fitzroy for providing the club with some new tables and chairs..yeah Yeah! We rolled those big round dinner tables out and now we have some pretty cute little ones in their place and not to mention some very stylish chairs (made in Brunswick 1962).. Now we have more elbow bending room! So all’s good in the BAR and the fridges are chugging along just fine, oh and the BEER chugs down just fine too.


FRIDAY 3RD AUGUST: Belmar Record release.. from ‘FLIP YOUR WIG’ ALBUM LAUNCH ‘Uh Oh! Chungo! So excited about this gig!! Probs because it’ll be my first gig at the club, eeeeek! (long awaited) Rob Price and I wrote a swag of hits, recorded them at Stevie’s Studio in Altona with the ‘Cream of the Crop’ of a band including  Mr Dai Jukebox Jones, along with a cast of thousands and now you have, UH OH! CHUNGO!  With support from The Pearly Shells and very special guests Kyrren Tolhurst, Kerri Simpson along with the Donny StewART this will be a great night’s entertainment AND celebration..  https://www.trybooking.com/WSXE
FRIDAY 10th AUGUST: SHE-ELVIS night of nights.. girls girls girls singing, living and breathing life into Elvis songs.. Starring Loretta Miller, Freya Josephine Hollick , Tanya Lee Davies, Emilee South, Layla Jean. With the Presley Family Band (all star line up)    https://www.trybooking.com/WXVP
FRIDAY 17th AUGUST: The Collingwood Casanovas..  Playing bluegrass, western swing and country like you’ve never heard before. Featuring LUCKY OCEANS on Pedal Steel.. BOOK here for the Big HO-DOWN with Lucky Oceans

FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmallow Overcoat… Ash Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden Book here for the MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT.

FRIDAY 31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers …excellent old school. Excited to say they will be Supported from ‘POLLYMAN’ (sons of Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson)  (bookings not open yet)

FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER: Eugene Hamilton’s coming back!! For our spring special celebration..


Excited to announce that Kylie Auldist, Charm of Finches and Cookin on Three Burners are coming to the club…TBC! So its a toodle oooh from up here on top of the hill, between Woolies and the BIG 4 Elizabeth st far north tropial coburg.. The bar in the Burg deep in the burbs!!

YASOU from Jody and the KMC gang xx


Good and bad jokes! Mostly bad

Custard + Hysteria =  KASTORIA 

What happened last Friday 13TH: 

I’M CURED!! There is nothing quite like a good Dance Off to cure what ails you and the good Doctor did some serious cure-ing. We were all under the Doctor’s spell last Friday, the band casting their good voodoo on the crowd to make everyone feel alive and well. Some of Melbourne’s finest musicians did it once again at the Kastoria Music club. Thank you Sally and Patrick for bringing Dr Hernandez to Far North Coburg, we will be seeing the Doctor again before the end of the year for a checkup. Keep you posted on that one, now I’m off to see the podiatrist. 

This coming Friday July 20th:

This week sees Danny Walsh and his Banned of Reserve-WAR boys coming over the tracks to far North Tropical CoburgDanny will be rolling up the stairs with his band to play some Rockin Rezza Piano driven Boogie. Reminiscent of Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen the ‘Banned’ will take us swamp (creek) side of the border of Reservoir and Coburg to play 2 darn hot sets of Aussie Boogie (there is such a thing), swamp blues to piano-driven rock’n’roll and southern soul. With an evolving line-up keeping the sound supple, the Banned features members of Cannon, Clinkerfield, Colleen Hewett and Courtney Barnett alongside keyboard killer Leo ‘The Weed’ Tellefson and their rambunctious feather-capped Captain Danny. Catch them at their new local haunt, The Kastoria Music Club before they’re forever banned! Its gonna be GOOD.


Here’s some pre gig viewing/listening for you


Youtube including the film clip to the first single from the latest Banned album




The bar continues to make everyone happy. Funny that! We saw the Espresso Martinis running out through the swinging doors of the canteen bar. It must be our very fair price and of course the style and grace in which they are made (thank you Jimmy and Tash) Shake shake shake, shake your booty! Our choice of Beers from all corners of the globe are still pleasing everyone. When your corners are Ireland, Italy, Greece and Coburg I’d call that a good round square!  Enough about all that for now. Continuing on: News from Ange, from the Sound Department. He’s very, very, very happy with his new toy. It’s a YAMAHA -ha O1V 96 Desk (it’s all Greek to me). And can I add, to everyone else! The band mentioned the amazing fold back more than a dozen times. While the crowd were raving about the front of house sound. 

So I hope this Kastoria up date finds you all well. Thank you for reading, listening, coming, going , signing in to come on up! YA-SOU from all zee gang at Le Club. The Kastoria Music Club, ITS SO FAR OUT IT’S IN!  


FRIDAY 27th JULY: JAKAL. The youngest grooviest Funky Jazz cats in the Universe ..Move over CAT EMPIRE ‘JAKAL’ are Here. Featuring the young and extremely talented Max Teakle along with 6 other very young and very talented musicians. Come and support them.   BOOK HERE  

FRIDAY 3RD AUGUST: Belmar Record release…from ‘FLIP YOUR WIG’. ALBUM LAUNCH ‘Uh Oh! Chungo! So excited about this gig!! Probs because it’ll be my first gig at my own club, eeeeek !(long awaited) BOOK HERE  

FRIDAY 10th AUGUST: SHE-ELVIS night of nights …girls girls girls singing , living and breathing life into Elvis songs … Starring Loretta Miller, Freya Josephine Hollick, Tanya lee Davies, Emilee South, Layla Jean.   BOOK HERE 

FRIDAY 17th AUGUST: The Collingwood Casanovas… Playing bluegrass, western swing and country like you’ve never heard before, fFeaturing LUCKY OCEANS on Pedal Steel (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 24th AUGUST: Marshmellow Overcoat ..Ash Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden (bookings not open yet) 

FRIDAY 31ST AUGUST: The Breadmakers …excellent old school. Excited to say they will be Supported from ‘POLLYMAN’ (sons of Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson)  (bookings not open yet) 

 FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER: Eugene Hamilton’s coming back!! For our spring special celebration ..

SEPT AND OCT: Excited to Announce that Kylie Auldist, Zulya of the Underground and Cookin on Three Burners are coming to the club …TBC !

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ELVISBook for ‘Girls Girls Girls Do ELVIS’