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Final Call for KASTORIA …

LAST WEEK: Ross McLennan has done it again ! What a beautiful gig it was , truely mesmerising and at times cinematic . Nothing like having a string section a french horn and a clarinet in the band to get the feelings all felt . Not to mention his incredible rhythm section , piano and second Guitar . We feel pretty honoured to be able to host such a gig .Thank you Ross for bringing the New World Orchestra up the stairs to the Red stage , everybody loved it !

NEXT WEEK : Friday 14th Dec . We are having one last party at the Club and who better than Jazz Party to send us on our way ..This’ll be a dance floor stomping , dirty Beat-nic romping , Christmas carol-ing , Miss Lizzy swilling , New Orleans-y X-mas show .. Emphasis on the X and Big on the SHOW . Cant wait to see Ms Loretta Miller knock us all dead and then bring us back to LIFE .. I hear her Mumma Tracey Miller will be joining in on the fun too . It’ll be a Party , a ‘JAZZ PARTY’ . Better get your tickets tho xx  tickets here 


NEXT YEAR: Got some fun planned and plenty more gigs coming out to Far North Tropical Coburg starting March 1st 2019 . More on that next week .

BAR: When its HOT we recommend having a ‘Miss Lizzy’  . Recipe as follows : Gin , Elderflower Liqueur , Prosecco, Lemon and Mint with lots of ice , they are soooo refreshing and personality enhancing 🙂  Lucky for us we have some fabulous Neighbours who come every week with bunch of fresh MINT ( thank you Mel and Andy xx)  . Oh AND we have air conditioning , phew .

YASOU: Thats enough from me so its toodle ooh, adios and YASOU xxx ! See you up the stairs from Jody ,Ange , Mandy , James , Elsie and Meg  ( The Kastoria crew)


27 down – 2 to GO !!

LAST WEEK : Well that was FUN , some might say too much fun , but i dont think you cant have too much fun ! Starting with BOOF is always a good start to the night , followed by Mon Shelford singin and struttin ..What a Gal . Then it was Flip your wig’s turn .Thats when the party started . When the man in gold lame and matching turban came on stage the dance floor filled and the band were in the pocket  . Thanks Steve Purcell for launching yet another fine Belmar Records recording ..

THIS WEEK-FRIDAY 7th Dec: Ross McLennan and the New World Orchestra . If you haven’t heard Ross’s music take a listen here . Or if you have heard Ross play with his BIG band you’ll know how rare it is to see  . String section , horn section , all singing band . You don’t see Ross play with this line up too often understandably . Imagine trying to get 12 musicians in the same room at any time of year let alone 3 weeks from Christmas !! IT’ll be good , REALLY GOOD .. better book tho !!


FRIDAY 14th DEC : Last Gig for the year at the Kastoria and who better to have play but Melbourne’s best FEELGOOD band ‘ Jazz Party ‘.  Have a listen to Loretta singing the bejazuz out of this !  Talking In Your Sleep


BAR: ‘ hic ‘

YASOU:  Yep thats a see ya , toodle ooh , and a over and out !!  Till next week when we announce ( thats band booker talk) whats happening in March and April …JB x

A night at Kastoria will cure your Dysphoria…true story !


THIS WEEK : FRIDAY 30th Nov-  I’m pretty excited to finally get a gig at the Club ! When ever Steve Purcell’s Belmar Record label releases anything you know the party will be good  . This time its a TRINGLE  launch !! Whats a Tringle ? Nothing to do with Christmas …. Its three songs on one single . So that means three bands for the price of ONE ! Cant get better than that . PLUS all three bands play roots rockin up side down original DANCE music . Starting the night off at 8.30 sharp is BOOF (me) , followed by The Belmar House band featuring Mon Shelford . Ending the night with a FLIP YOUR WIG (me ) set. So its a bit of a ME ME ME showing off night ! hEhe . Plus many others stars like Rob ‘flip your wig’ Price , Donny Stewart, Gavin Grey from Greys Piano World , Steve ‘Pearly Shell’ Purcell and Shane-rockin-Rhyall !!! Dancing shoes recommended and wigs are welcome .


FRIDAY 7TH DEC :  Better book quick tho tickets are nearly GAWN ! Ross McLennan tickets


FRIDAY 14TH DEC: Last Gig for the year ..CANT WAIT for  JAZZ PARTY to take us to New Orleans for Christmas !! and then Holidayzzzz but get your tickets cos everyone wants to come 🙂 


BAR : We have a new Cocktail inspired by our very own ‘Liz Skitch‘ . Its called the Miss Lizzie and its a keeper . Gin, Elderflower Liquer , Prosecco , Lemon and Mint….YUM just like Lizzy .

YASOU: Well its getting down to the pointy end of our season that was only meant to last till the end of Winter and has seen us go though till mid December . So yep i’d call that a success ! If you are reading this email i want to say ‘Thanks’ , if you’ve been up to the club i want to say ‘Thanks a lot’ , and if you’ve played or worked at the club i want to say ‘Thanks a lot lot lot’ ! We couldn’t have done it without you . Yasou from me n ANGE the sound platter man xxx 

Kastoria-lations and so say all of us .


LAST WEEK: Thank you to Jodi Phillis for choosing the Kastoria to launch her latest Solo Album . We had a room full of devotees to Jodi’s music and what a beautiful batch of songs Jodi has cooked up in the form of ‘Becoming’  , just gorgeous . Along with the wonderful Barb Waters and Craig Pilkington it was a night of amazing female songwriters . Really special !

THIS WEEK …FRIDAY 23rd NOV:  Well Davey Lane must be the busiest guitar player in Melbourne if not Australia most nights of the week . In fact we usually see him on the big stages with the likes of You Am I , Jimmy Barnes , Todd Rundgren to name just a few .  BUT this week we see him bringing his own band to The Kastoria to Rock and Roll the roof off . Cant wait for this gig . NOTE : dance floor will be cleared of all obstacles !!! Better Book tho !


FRIDAY 30TH NOV:  I encourage you to CLICK ON LINK TO the Grooviest  GIG FILM CLIP! And then , book your ticket so you don’t miss out on the PARTY .Now I’m off to practice and work out what i’m going to wear .. I’m in two of the bands that means 2 outfits :))  and a WIG ! Anyone for a game of BOOF RULES ? 



FRIDAY 7TH DEC: I seriously urge you to book sooner than later for the Ross McLennan and the New World Orchestra GIG . Ross returns to the Kastoria with his 10 piece band for another stunning display of his musical mind and of course his incredible band with some of Melbourne’s finest musicians Tickets here …


FRIDAY 14TH DEC: LAST GIG of the year … Whats not to like about a New Orleans Christmas Party with the Hottest band on the summertime festival circuit .. JAZZ PARTY !! Let them take us all on a trip down Bourbon street to the best party on the Coburg Hill block ..Jazz Party will make you feel like all your Christmas’s have come at once .. Better book tho tickets are selling fast ! JAZZ PARTY tickets ..


BAR:  Ticking all my boxes ‘hic ‘ ..

YASOU : We are down to the Final 4 Fridays Folks !! What was meant for Friday nights in winter only has seen us Swing through Spring and now we cross into Summer .. What a joy ride its been and continues to be .. Gotta thanks our Greek landlords for the trust they have put into all our crazy ideas . Every Tuesday when they come in to play Bingo , the first thing they ask is “how did Friday go “. They have and continue to be the best landlords a Girl Club-lican can have .We didn’t get to do our Big Fat Greek Christmas BUT i assure you we will have a Big Fat Greek Easter ..More 2019 Gig announcements next week !  SEE YA xx



Kastoria-ik-stan !

LAST WEEK: The Club was all a wash with Vodka , Borsht and Tears when Zulya and the Children of the Undergroud came to play . We were all under Zulya and her Bands spell with their stunning, mesmerising, exquisite original Russian folk music . Here’s what somebody else said about them and its exactly right  ..  “5 stars. Swinging like a Bolshevik Marlene Dietrich, Zulya and the Children of the Underground are able to strike a deft balance between melancholic sadness and the unbridled joy that is never too far away. ” Zulya also gave us a great geography lesson , many many thanks Zulya  xxx … I say ’10 stars’


NEXT WEEK : Friday 16th Jodi Phillis Album Launch ‘Becoming ‘.. Jodi is coming all the way from NSW to play her only Melbourne show . If you loved The Clouds you will love this gig . Her latest album ‘Becoming ‘ is a stunning collection of clever , melodic pop songs .Jodi’s music just gets better and better . Have a listen here then book your ticket quick , we’re so excited about this special show  .  Special guesting first set is the wonderful  Barb Waters …x


FRIDAY 23RD Nov: OMG we have ROCK and ROLL Royalty in the shape of Davey Lane coming up the stairs . He’s hot off the heels from playing with TODD RUNDGREN and all warmed up and ready to entertain .. Davey and his Band along with some Special Surprises  hit the stage  8.30 pm sharp . Better book quick tho and don’t forget your dancing shoes ..TICKETS


FRIDAY 30th Nov:  This gig will be better than a bought one!! Its a Belmar RecordsTringle’ Launch . Whats a Tringle ? Its 3 songs on the 1 single … Never before done in the history of single launching …Come and see and hear what all the fuss is about .Don’t forget the dance floor will be clear of all obstacles ..Slippery Soul-ed shoes recommended ! Tickets HERE …Plus look out for our new Film clip for BOOF RULES on all social media outlets.. CANT WAIT …. 🙂


FRIDAY 7th Dec: Better be quick getting your tickets for Ross . It will be an amazing night of his music , brought to life by him and his extraordinary 10 piece band .. QUICK 


FRIDAY 14th Dec:  Well what can i say about this gig other than you’d be MAD to miss it. Also it’s our last gig for the ‘Kastoria’ till we come back in March  … BOOK HERE


YASOU :  See you up the stairway to heavenly musical bliss one of these days , where you can leave your troubles at the gate , forget about the worries of the world and be entertained by some very entertaining entertainers .. Music makes the world go round and round and round and so does spaghetti and coffee  RIP Sisto 😦